The Harmony of imperfection

Explore Marie Høi-Hansen’s textile art and vivid use of shapes and colors

Dive into Marie Høi-Hansen’s works and experience a unique mix of colors and textiles, she manages to create works of art that evoke emotions and creates a space of thoughtfulness and relief in a world that needs a break. Through recycled materials, she shows her commitment to sustainability and the creativity to use and create from what is and what we have.

Marie Høi-Hansen wins first price at Mississippi Censored art exhibition

Marie was accepted at the Mississippi art exhibition with 5 works of textile art. She was very surprised since this was her first censored exhibtion when her name came up as the winner of the 1st price among almost 100 artist and 500 applicants. The panel of censors consisted of Else Ploug Isaksen, visual artist and teacher at Aarhus Art Academy. Pia Möller-Light, visual artist. Lene Desmentik, sculptor and teacher at Aarhus Art Academy.

Mississippi Exhibition 2024

Imperfection lead the way

Marie began her journey under the name my_messy_quilts to underline the desire to work with imperfection in a world concerned about the opposite. The process of creating is important and a way to explore the fabrics, colours, threads and shapes that gives the unique works of art and expression.


Marie began quilting

Unique art experiences

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Textile art

Marie Høi-Hansen creates unique textile works of art for individuals and companies with depth and colour. Uses recycled materials for sustainability.

Workshops in Denmark and online


Breaking the boarders of quilting

Marie has explored quilting as art form. She breaks the traditions in quilting and is inspired by american quilters.

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Virum, Danmark

+45 51 60 90 67

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